JB Relais Luxury

Exclusive guest house in Rome

Spending a holiday in Rome, whether for a short or long term stay, means having the unique opportunity to be a part of the city where it all started, the city of our origins. The Roman experience must be fully enjoyed, by indulging in all the peculiarities that this incomparable city can offer us with its complex historical heritage. Therefore, when choosing to stay in Rome it is essential to choose the best accommodation, in a location that always reminds guests that they are in the most enchanting part of the world, like Trastevere. Amongst all other guesthouse offers in Rome, JB Relais LUXURY is by far the most complete.


Other relais in Rome Trastevere can delight guests with astonishing surrounding views of the close Tiber Island, but they don’t offer them the exclusivity and quality of the JB Relais LUXURY. What really makes this hotel unique is the wide range of amenities it provides, such as room service, currency exchange, the arrangement of day trips, an airport shuttle at disposal of guests, an external garage and a qualified baby-sitter, as well as a reassuring multilingual staff that is always ready to fulfil every need.


The packages offered by the JB Relais LUXURY are by far more complete than the ones available for other relais in Rome Trastevere, and early or last-minute bookings will guarantee you will save money for short term or longer stays.

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